Florida roundup: Advanced Placement, district overspending and more

AP pass rates. The Tampa Bay Times looks at pass rates by high school in the Pinellas school district and concludes “AP test success remains elusive.” The story includes a lot of stats, but doesn’t note the actual numbers of students and/or tests passed at each school and how that number has risen (or not) over time. For what it’s worth, the numbers of students passing AP statewide has skyrocketed (even though pass rates have dipped) because so many more students have been given the opportunity and support to succeed. Over the last five years, according to this report, the number of passed AP tests in Florida climbed from 87,852 to 136,265 – an increase of 55 percent.

Investigation into overspending. A probe begins into why the Manatee school district ended up $3.4 million in the red, reports the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

Interim education commissioner Pam Stewart is widely respect, but hasn’t applied for the permanent job, notes State Impact Florida.