FL charter school teachers top 12,000

Florida now has more charter school teachers than eight states have public school teachers, period.

The number of charter school teachers and other instructional personnel in the Sunshine State rose to 12,362 this school year, according to recently released Florida Department of Education data requested by redefinED. That’s up from 11,446 last year, or 8 percent.

FL charter school teachers chart

As we’ve written before, the growth is no surprise given Florida’s fast-growing charter school sector. And the numbers are still a fraction of the state’s 190,000 public school instructional personnel total. But they’re worth keeping tabs on.

Charter school teachers are for the most part non-unionized. And as the charter sector grows, teachers are increasingly weighing whether moving there is worth the trade-offs. (Last month, we wrote about one charter school teacher’s thoughts on that subject here.)

Six Florida school districts now have more than 1,000 charter school teachers within their borders, with Miami-Dade and Broward topping 2,000. This DOE spreadsheet shows the breakdown by district and by personnel category.