Florida nears 14,000 mark for charter school teachers

The number of charter school teachers in Florida reached a new high again this year and is now just shy of 14,000, according to preliminary state numbers.

FL charter school teachers 2014-15Counting all instructional personnel, the new total of 13,951 is up 13 percent from last year.

The increase isn’t a surprise given Florida’s growing charter school sector, which ranks among the largest in the nation. (As reported on redefinED last month, charter school students in Florida topped the 250,000 mark this year, and now account for 1 in 11 public school students in the state.) But it is another noteworthy sign of how fast the education landscape is shifting not just for parents and students, but educators.

Charter school teachers in Florida are still just a fraction of all public school teachers in the state (about 7 percent). At the same time, Florida now has more charter school teachers than nine states have public school teachers, period.

Miami-Dade County, Florida’s largest in population, outpaces all other districts with 2,752 charter school teachers. Broward County is second with 1,895, followed by Palm Beach County with 1,251.

This Florida Department of Education spreadsheet offers a breakdown by district and by instructional categories. It also includes info on charter school administrative ranks.

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