PodcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews DOE senior chancellor Eric Hall

In this episode, Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill talks with Eric Hall, who joined the Florida Department of Education in February 2019 to deal with some of the state’s most high-profile initiatives, including the expansion of school choice.

A little more than a year into Hall’s tenure as head of innovation, COVID-19 began roiling education, and it looks like those disruptions will continue into the fall. A firm believer in the power of Florida Virtual School, he is convinced the state’s investment in online learning leaves the Sunshine State well-positioned to educate students. He discusses with Tuthill FLVS’ capacity to ramp up to serve nearly 4 million children, how to prevent rising achievement gaps in a distance-learning environment and his belief that great teachers drive technology.

“We have conditions in place that have empowered parents to make the best decisions for their children … we’ve got to double down and hold ourselves accountable as a state.”


·       The agility of Florida Virtual School as both a COVID-19 safety net and an expanded resource for a shift to blended learning for families who want it

·       How distance learning and blended education extends the classroom beyond the school day while creating greater equity for less resourced families

·       How to realign resources to get increased technology to more families