podcastED: Florida Virtual School teacher innovates to help students master world language instruction

On this episode, reimaginED Senior Writer Lisa Buie talks with Caroline Tevlin, an elementary school Spanish teacher who customizes her students’ education by tapping into their individual learning styles.

Tevlin transitioned to teaching online after working in a traditional school setting for six years. Four years into her experience at Florida Virtual School, she enjoys the flexibility as an educator and recognizes its benefits for her students.

“It was such a great fit for me. It was nice to be there at the beginning of the Spanish program. It was so great to have that flexibility along with so many tools I could utilize … This really made me think creatively and connect with students and meet them where they’re at. I have always known that every student learns differently.”


  • How Tevlin’s own educational experience inspired her to become a teacher
  • How she learned about Florida Virtual School and transitioned to virtual teaching
  • What tools she uses to bring Spanish language and culture to life for students
  • How she taps into different learning styles and how she taps into them using a tool that customizes verbal assessments to make each student feel comfortable