West Virginia State Treasurer responds to Hope Scholarship injunction

Editor’s note: Riley Moore made these comments to the West Virginia Daily News. You can read more about the injunction here.

State Treasurer Riley Moore, who serves as chairman of the Hope Scholarship Board, issued the following statement after Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge Joanna Tabit permanently enjoined the state’s Hope Scholarship Program.

“I am deeply disappointed that a judge has decided to halt this program which would help so many families in West Virginia. More than 3,100 West Virginia students were relying on having this funding in the fall, and now – at the last minute – they may not be able to get the educational services they want and need.

“I certainly plan to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia. This program was authorized by the Legislature, and we firmly believe it is constitutional. We will vigorously defend our implementation of this program, which the people of West Virginia have clearly demonstrated they want, so that West Virginia families can choose the educational opportunities best suited for their children.”

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