Education freedom and student achievement: A happy marriage

This commentary from Patrick J. Wolf, Distinguished Professor of Education Policy and 21st Century Endowed Chair in School Choice in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas College of Education and Health Professions.; Jay P. Greene, a senior research fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education[Read More…]

Teacher pay, school choice, literacy: Top priorities for 39 governors in 2023

This analysis appeared Wednesday on the The COVID pandemic — the topic that has dominated education conversations for the past three years — is largely missing from the State of the State addresses that governors are delivering to their legislatures this winter. Instead, state leaders are using their bully[Read More…]

Fordham Institute report: Rebooting the education reform movement and other topics

Editor’s note: Michael J. Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, offers this introduction to the Institute’s 2022 annual report. You can view the report here. Lucy and the football. Groundhog Day. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Use whatever metaphor you like,[Read More…]

National poll finds overwhelming support among Black teachers, parents for ESAs

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on As parents become increasingly frustrated over pandemic learning loss, their desire for education savings accounts, or ESAs, has boomed — gaining overwhelming support from not only Black parents but also Black teachers, according to a new poll by YouGov. The poll released[Read More…]

Rural, minority Texans favor school choice according to University of Houston poll

Editor’s note: This analysis appeared Monday on A new poll from the University of Houston’s Hobby School of Public Affairs indicates strong support for school choice in the Lone Star State, even among minorities and rural communities with fewer options. Conducted in January 2023, the survey asked 1,200 respondents from across[Read More…]

Supreme Court opens path to religious charter schools

Editor’s note: This article appears in the Winter 2023 issue of Education Next. In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Carson v. Makin that Maine violated the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment by excluding religious schools from a private-school-choice program—colloquially known as “town tuitioning”—for students in school districts[Read More…]

Rural school choice is more common than you think

Editor’s note: This commentary from Robert Pondiscio, a senior visiting fellow at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, appeared last week on the Fordham Institute’s website. You can read a report on rural school choice from Step Up For Students researchers/writers here.[Read More…]

Report: Ohio EdChoice program’s impact on school district enrollments, finances, academics

Editor’s note: This report from Stephane Lavertu and John J. Gregg, with a foreword from Aaron Churchill and Chad L. Aldis, debuted on the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s website. School options have increased in Ohio and across the nation in recent decades. One prominent option is publicly funded scholarships that[Read More…]