New report shows majority of Gardiner funding was spent on tuition in 2019-20

Families with children on Florida’s Gardiner Scholarship for students with special needs spent $117 million on private school tuition, books, curriculum, technology tutoring and more during the 2019-20 school year, according to a new report compiled by Step Up For Students. While more than half (close to 57%) of scholarship[Read More…]

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program records 94.9% graduation rate for 2019-20

Nearly 95% of seniors participating in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program graduated from high school during the 2019-20 school year, the second highest graduation rate since the nonprofit that administers the state scholarships began tracking graduation rates in 2015. Catholic schools had the highest graduation rate at 99.1%, while[Read More…]

Buckeye Institute: Education savings accounts give Ohio’s children the best chance to succeed

On Wednesday, Greg R. Lawson, a research fellow at The Buckeye Institute, an independent research and educational institution whose mission is to advance free-market public policy in the states, testified before the Ohio Senate Primary and Secondary Education Committee on a state spending bill. In his testimony, Lawson outlined areas[Read More…]

New report sheds light on perspective of Florida families participating in Gardiner, McKay scholarship programs

Editor’s note: Materials related to the study are posted to a landing page accessible at Nearly all Florida parents participating in two state scholarship programs for children with special needs are somewhat or very satisfied with their child’s educational experience according to a new study released today from researchers[Read More…]

Analysis: Arizona leads in academic growth — and both charter and district schools contribute to student success

Editor’s note: This commentary from redefinED executive editor Matthew Ladner appeared Wednesday on The 74. In 2001, the Manhattan Institute ranked states by their combination of public charter, private and home-school choice. Arizona ranked first. In 2015, the Brookings Institution measured the percentage of students who had access to one[Read More…]

COVID-19 pandemic shutters more than 100 private schools

A new report from the Cato Institute finds that no fewer than 132 private schools have announced permanent closure over the past year, at least partially due to economic effects of the pandemic. Additional findings indicate private school enrollment has dropped as much as 5% overall. Cato’s COVID-19 Permanent Private[Read More…]

Poll shows support for school choice at record high a year into COVID-19 pandemic

According to a new poll conducted by Real Clear Opinion Research and sponsored by the American Federation for Children, 71% of American voters now support school choice, up from 64% a year ago. This is the highest recorded support for school choice since the Federation began polling with sample sizes[Read More…]

How education savings accounts support education choice

Editor’s note: Six states – Arizona, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Nevada and North Carolina – have crafted education savings account programs as a means for families to exercise choice in finding the best educational environment for their children. Here is how the program works in Florida. THE BASICS Q: What are[Read More…]