Study finds school choice benefits rural students

Editor’s note: This article, which discusses a Step Up For Students brief authored by Ron Matus and Deva Hankerson, appeared Tuesday on In this year’s Oklahoma elections, school-choice opponents repeatedly claimed that allowing education funding to follow students to any provider would destroy rural schools and produce no benefit[Read More…]

School choice priorities change at the middle and high school levels

Editor’s note: This article from Jeff Murray, formerly of School Choice Ohio and the Greater Columbus Arts Council, appeared Thursday on the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s website. Common sense, backed by research, tells us that families weigh a lot of information when making school choice decisions. This is especially true when options[Read More…]

Special report: Separating fact from fiction about rural school choice

Editor’s note: The Step Up For Students team of Ron Matus, director, policy and public affairs, and Dava Hankerson, director, enterprise data and research, provides an overview in this post of their recent brief demonstrating that education choice is growing in rural Florida. You can view the full brief here.[Read More…]

New report: Give every child an excellent future with education savings accounts

Editor’s note: This report from Jonathan Butcher, Will Skillman Fellow in Education, Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, and Jason Bedrick, Research Fellow, Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, concludes that education savings accounts empower parents with the ability to meet every child’s unique education needs[Read More…]

Study links high teacher expectations to better student outcomes

When it comes to education, expectations matter. Not only will high expectations result in more students earning college degrees; expectations also make students less likely to experience teen pregnancies and to rely on public assistance programs, according to a recent study commissioned by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a national[Read More…]

By the numbers: An analysis of religious school enrollment

Editor’s note: Step Up For Students’ manager of public affairs Patrick Gibbons dives into religious school enrollment in Florida by denomination and scholarship program in this post. More than 173,000 students in Florida attend private religious schools using one of the state’s education choice scholarships, representing nearly 70% of all[Read More…]

Post-pandemic survey shows parents want greater control of kids’ education

Editor’s note: This article appeared Wednesday on To read an analysis of the survey from Patrick Gibbons, manager of policy and public affairs at Step Up For Students, click here. More than half of the 3,115 parents who participated in a spring survey said they prefer to direct and[Read More…]