Buckeye Institute points to Florida families’ long-term satisfaction with education savings accounts in new report

A new policy report from an Ohio-based independent research and educational institute offers commonsense solutions for improving K-12 academic outcomes in the state, all of which center on the availability of additional education choice options. The Buckeye Institute posits in #StudentsFirst: Empowering Parents to Help Students Regain Lost Learning that[Read More…]

‘Nation’s Report Card’: Two decades of growth wiped out by two years of pandemic

Editor’s note: This analysis of long-term scores from NAEP, which show unprecedented score declines, appeared today on The 74. Two decades of growth for American students in reading and math were wiped away by just two years of pandemic-disrupted learning, according to national test scores released this morning. Dismal releases[Read More…]

More ‘tax equity’ and higher tax burdens may not improve education

A new report from the Florida Policy Institute takes aim at the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, which from its inception in 2001 has aimed to expand educational opportunities for children of families with limited financial resources to enable those children to achieve a greater level of excellence in their education.[Read More…]

Don’t blame education choice for school district budget woes

With economic difficulties mounting for Florida’s school districts, budgets are tightening and competition for funds is intensifying. So is confusion. Whether intentional or not, something is being lost in translation in education budget reporting. Several recent news stories have featured district officials who are blaming home education, charter schools and,[Read More…]

2022 Education Next Survey of Public Opinion: Partisan rifts widen, perceptions of school quality decline

Editor’s note: These survey results, with analysis from David M. Houston, Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West, appear in the Summer 2022 issue of Education Next. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted the largest disruption to American education in living memory. At the onset of the crisis in spring 2020, nearly[Read More…]

Special report on teacher entrepreneurs: Leaving a classroom, starting a school

Editor’s note: This report was compiled by Ronda Dry, Lauren Barlis, Paula Nelson and Ron Matus at Step Up For Students, and Mike McShane and James Shuls with EdChoice. Five of the six authors are former classroom teachers. You can read the full report here. To see a short video about the[Read More…]

Harris Poll: Education political driver for parents ahead of midterm elections

Editor’s note: This article appeared on A survey of more than 5,000 parents released today found education ranks high among their concerns ahead of the critical midterm elections — and that 82% would vote for someone outside their party if the candidate’s education agenda matched their own. The survey[Read More…]