Popular scholarship program continues to serve more students

Growth in a Florida education savings account created for students with unique abilities continued its steady increase in 2018-19 according to figures released this week by the leading organization that administers the program. A new report from Step Up For Students that includes information on enrollment, student eligibility and scholarship[Read More…]

Survey: What American families experienced when COVID-19 closed schools

COVID-19 upended and changed the lives of millions of Americans this spring, forcing the nation’s schools to close and requiring a shift from in-person to virtual learning. In retrospect, what do parents think about the quality of instruction their children received? Education Next surveyed them to find out. The results,[Read More…]

Court lays to rest age-old debate with Espinoza decision

After more than a century, the U.S. Supreme Court finally has determined that Blaine amendments, which were created in the late 19th century under a wave of anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic bias, violate the U.S. Constitution’s Free Exercise clause. “A State need not subsidize private education. But once a State decides[Read More…]

New national report provides recommendations for re-opening brick-and-mortar schools

Editor’s note: redefinED guest blogger Ashley Berner, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy and associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, and David Steiner, the institute’s executive director, comment on their new report, jointly released with Chiefs for Change, that outlines relevant research and[Read More…]

Save Our Schools suspends ballot initiative effort after Arizona Supreme Court ruling

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled against groups that had been suing the state in an effort to gather initiative signatures online. Similar efforts had been rebuffed in the federal court system, and the Save Our Schools group announced the suspension of its effort aimed at limiting family access to the[Read More…]

Victory for Utah students and families

Around the country, talk of closures and quarantine is giving way to plans for re-opening. Despite moving in fits and starts, Utah officials found something unique for families and students to look forward to even if schools are closed for the rest of the year. On Friday, state lawmakers approved[Read More…]

NAEP History, Geography, Civics scores paint dismal picture

Diffusion, then, rather than discovery, is the duty of our government. With us, the qualifications of voters are as important as the qualifications of governors, and even comes first in the natural order.  -Horace Mann Preparing students to responsibly exercise citizenship represented a foundational aspiration in the founding of the[Read More…]

K-12 traditionalists: Be careful what you wish for

Robert C. Enlow at Ed Choice crunched some numbers on how things might look if 10 percent to 30 percent of private school students migrate to public schools this fall. The state-by-state analysis is not an unimaginable scenario, given our suddenly massive unemployment rate – one in five American workers[Read More…]