The proof is in the numbers: participation in education choice is soaring

While Covid-19 likely will be responsible for the single largest increase in virtual education in Florida’s history, enrollment growth over time in another program that offers education choice, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, is nevertheless impressive. From academic year 2015-16 to 2016-17, the program grew by 20,000 students. Meanwhile,[Read More…]

Fight over education choice pits family against family in Tennessee

Editor’s note: Some of the parties mentioned in this post, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, have expressed interest in suing to stop the Family Empowerment Scholarship, a program administered by Step Up For Students, which hosts this blog. The legal battle over Tennessee’s new education savings account (ESA)[Read More…]

Study shows positive impact of Florida Tax Credit Scholarship on public schools

As the nation’s largest tax credit scholarship program has expanded, students attending public schools most likely to be affected by the competition of private schools are experiencing higher test scores, reduced absenteeism and lower suspension rates, according to a new report from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The findings[Read More…]

Espinoza may not be the game changer some are predicting

It seems especially appropriate midway through National School Choice Week to ask: Can the use of state “Blaine Amendments” to prohibit publicly available funds from being used by parents at religiously affiliated educational options be considered discriminatory? And if so, does that discrimination violate a family’s right guaranteed by the[Read More…]

Analysis: Montana scholarship program fulfills a public purpose in providing K-12 education

Editor’s note: The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday heard oral argument in the latest chapter of the battle over the use of public funding for religious schools. Supporters of such funding argue that the government should not be allowed to discriminate against religious families and schools, while opponents warn that[Read More…]

FACT-CHECKED: Tallahassee educator’s attack on ‘monstrous’ system is misleading

Editor’s note: The goal of fact-checkED is to bring clinical precision to complex issues that are easily misunderstood, aiming to counteract incorrect information before it continues to circulate.   Sally Butzin has a rich and accomplished history in public education, as a classroom teacher, instructional innovator and published author. But her[Read More…]

Can an amendment close a state’s achievement gap?

A member of the “Purple People Eaters” may have retired from the NFL, but he now has a state teacher union on the run. Former Minnesota Viking defensive lineman and justice of the state Supreme Court Alan Page is among those supporting a change to the state constitution that has[Read More…]

fact-checkED: Sanders’ education choice claims in Florida op-ed misleading

With the presidential primary election in delegate-rich Florida just two months away, Democratic candidates are beginning to knock on the door. In a Monday column in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders found little to like about Florida’s public education system. But our focus is on educational choice[Read More…]