Author: Catherine Durkin Robinson

Parents unite to learn about, advocate for educational choice

Most national conferences dedicated to educational choice in this country are focused on lawmakers and policy wonks. I love good debates over accountability measures with people who find white papers exciting as much as the next person. But I often find myself in fancy hotels, surrounded by hundreds of well-meaning[Read More…]

school choice

Commentary: Widen the circle, broaden the conversation

Recently, I was invited to a local coffee and conversation-type event in Florida between my former state representative and former neighbors who are predominantly white progressive women. Then I was invited to a conversation at a late-night dinner event in New Jersey with five conservative white men. Both discussions were[Read More…]

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School choice parents make their case – and win

Tuesday night, city council members in the beautiful Central Florida town of Clermont had to decide whether to put children’s needs ahead of adults’ needs. We were told beforehand it wasn’t looking good. For a few months, dozens of parents had attended information nights, sponsored by Florida Parent Network and[Read More…]

Advice to faith-based schools: highlight your success stories

I often find myself in situations where I’m the lone advocate for a particular ideal. At Republican functions, I’m usually the only Democrat. If I’m at a gathering of Democrats, I’m often the only one who will speak in favor of education reform. When I attend education events with like-minded[Read More…]