Dan Lips

Teacher unions lose the ‘drain resources’ argument

School choice opponents like the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers often argue that vouchers, education savings accounts,  and other parent-centered reforms would “drain resources” from public schools. This reasoning forces lawmakers to choose between siding with public schools (and the powerful interest groups they serve) or parents[Read More…]

Glenn Youngkin’s mandate to expand equal opportunity

Editor’s note: This commentary from Dan Lips, visiting fellow in education at the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and a reimaginED guest blogger, appeared last week on the foundation’s blog, FREOPP.org. Be sure to watch for his mention of reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner’s commentary based on research from[Read More…]

Project Nickel: A new search engine to help parents learn what public schools spend

In the 2019 feature film “Miss Virginia,” a working mother in the nation’s capital struggles to help her teenage son escape a violent public school and leads a grassroots movement to rally parents to demand new school choice options for their children. A turning point in the story occurs when[Read More…]

New evidence that disadvantaged children need better preschool options signals need for parental control of child care funding

A federal watchdog is warning that there may be lead in the drinking water in federally funded child care centers that serve low-income children across the country. It’s the latest evidence that Congress and the Department of Health and Human Services should be exploring ways to improve the safety and[Read More…]

Commentary: Where the nation’s largest school districts stand on reopening

Editor’s note: redefinED guest blogger Dan Lips wrote this analysis on school reopenings amid the coronavirus pandemic for The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity. Fifty of the nation’s 120 largest school districts remain fully closed as of mid-October 2020, according to the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity’s latest[Read More…]

How children’s savings accounts can promote equal opportunity

Editor’s note: In this commentary, Dan Lips revisits an opinion piece Robert Reich wrote 20 years ago about progressive school vouchers in which Reich offered a promising grand compromise between the left’s and right’s visions for education reform. Today, Lips writes, state-funded children’s savings accounts are a new promising compromise[Read More…]

Reducing outside-of-school learning inequality when schools are closed

The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis on Aug. 6 held a public hearing on “Challenges to Safely Reopening American Schools,” featuring former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; Caitlin Rivers, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security; Broward County (Florida) Public Schools Superintendent Robert[Read More…]

Reducing inequality in outside-of-school learning opportunities by investing in, expanding children’s savings accounts

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a spotlight on one of the significant barriers to equal opportunity in American education. Children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are more dependent on in-school learning and have fewer resources to learn when schools are closed. As lawmakers and school leaders work to prepare for the[Read More…]