Patrick J. Wolf

Classical educators: the happiest people on Earth

Editor’s note: You can read about classical schools in Florida here, here and here. There is a lot of unhappiness these days. A recent Monmouth poll revealed that 73% of Americans are unhappy with the direction of our country. Teachers are especially grumpy, with a survey reporting that 54% of[Read More…]

Choosing the right path: evidence that Milwaukee’s school choice program excels beyond academics

America’s oldest urban private school choice program has the vital effects of steering young adults away from both crime and out-of-wedlock births, thus laying a strong foundation for them to live more successful lives. What predicts future life success for young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds? Two vital factors are avoiding[Read More…]

‘Moving the goalposts’ criticism misses the mark

The Miami Herald recently republished commentary that originally appeared June 7 in The Conversation. In the essay, titled “School Vouchers Expand Despite Evidence of Negative Effects,” education professors Christopher Lubienski and Joel Malin wonder why states keep adopting and expanding private school choice programs when such initiatives, in their view,[Read More…]