Catholic Schools

Florida roundup: Catholic schools, district oversight, proposed tax hikes and more

Oldest African-American school in Florida. St. Peter Claver Catholic School in Tampa is profiled by Fox 13 in Tampa. Many students attend with tax-credit scholarships. A different take on charter school payout controversy. Red flags should have prompted more oversight from the Orange County school district, writes Adam Emerson at the[Read More…]

George McGovern & the Democratic shift on school choice

None of the recent obituaries of George McGovern – the former U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate who died Oct. 21 and was buried Friday – discussed his long struggle to reconcile loyalty to teachers unions with his belief that poor and working-class parents should be able to pick their[Read More…]

‘Faith-based schools are an asset for all of us’ – Michael Guerra, podcastED

Faith-based schools will be more effective in expanding school choice – and in getting Americans to see their value – if they work together across traditional lines, suggests the chairman of a new national commission that aims to foster that kind of coalition. “We want to encourage the leaders of faith-based[Read More…]

Both Democrats and Republicans have switched on school choice

Long-time Democratic education activist Jack Jennings, in a recent Huffington Post column, argued that Republican support for private school choice is a somewhat recent (i.e., the last 45 years) phenomenon, driven by a political desire to appeal to segregationists and weaken teacher unions.  Jennings writes, “The Republicans’ talk about giving[Read More…]

More signs of a Catholic school comeback

News about Catholic schools in the U.S. usually isn’t good. Rarely a week goes by without a headline about another one closing and, with it, a neighborhood institution that for generations brought high-quality education to often low-income families. So what a nice change to see another local story about a Catholic school in Tampa, for[Read More…]

Democrats weren’t always so resistant to private school choice

Editor’s note: Adam Emerson, who writes the Choice Words blog at the Fordham Institute, wrote a lot about the progressive roots of school choice when he was editor here at redefinED. Here is his latest piece on the subject. The 2012 Democratic Party platform released this week calls for the[Read More…]

Vouchers at the RNC: ‘Because I had choice in my education, I was granted a better life’

To highlight the power of school choice, Jeb Bush, during his prime time slot at the Republican National Convention, turned the mic over to a former student from Miami. Frantz Placide, 24, calmly but directly told millions of viewers that a private school voucher program in Florida gave him the[Read More…]