Catholic Schools

Jeb Bush: Mitt Romney will be “a president who always puts students first”

Here is a transcript of Jeb Bush’s speech at the RNC tonight, according to prepared remarks. (He deviated from the script at the beginning to address this issue.) Jeb Bush: Welcome to Florida! Bienvenido a Florida! This election is about the future of this nation. We can shape that future with[Read More…]

Study: Vouchers boost college enrollment rates for black students

Black students who won private school vouchers through a lottery in New York City were much more likely to later enroll in college than other low-income students who applied but did not win, according to a study released this morning. The study of a privately funded New York voucher program for elementary[Read More…]

Catholic schools can learn from charter schools – Sean Kennedy, podcastED

Charter schools took a page from Catholic schools when they arrived in the 1990s and began their expansion – character development, solid discipline, a no-excuses approach to success for low-income kids. But now it’s Catholic schools, struggling with declining enrollment (in part because of competition from charters), that should borrow good[Read More…]

Another Democrat for vouchers, school choice

Darren Soto, a Democratic state representative from the Orlando area, isn’t out to privatize public schools. He supports public schools at the same time he backs vouchers and tax credit scholarships for low-income kids. And he is among a growing number of Democrats who are doing so. In the clip above (which comes to us from[Read More…]

redefinED blog stars: Timid public school leaders, Catholic plea for vouchers and more

Editor’s note: In our third installment of “blog stars,” we’re shifting course slightly. We’ll continue to highlight posts from ed blogs. But if we stumble on a thoughtful newspaper column now and then, we’ll throw that in the mix, too. Rick Hess Straight Up: The Culture of ‘Can’t’ in American Schools[Read More…]

“Vouchers” can help revive Catholic schools in Florida, beyond

After reading story after story about Catholic schools closing, it was heartening this morning to instead read about an aggressive local effort to help them rebound. The Diocese of St. Petersburg, in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, has launched an ambitious plan to reverse declining enrollment and ensure that Catholic[Read More…]