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Commentary and opinion

Will this pandemic force us to boldly address inequities in our schools?

Editor’s note: This commentary by Laura Waters, a mom, education blogger and former school board president in New Jersey, first appeared March 25 on EducationPost. The daughter of New York City educators and parent of a son with special needs, she writes frequently about the need to listen to families[Read More…]

Social distancing: a perfect opportunity for parents to find out what their children are learning

Coronavirus is interrupting life in general and education specifically. As parents in the U.S. adjust to school closures and the potential for their K-12 child’s coursework to continue online, families should come to realize that they will be exposed to more of what their children are learning. For some, this[Read More…]

How Covid-19 could fuel school choice

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Well, not literally. (We hope.) But when American society comes out the other end of the Covid-19 crisis, it almost certainly will operate differently in many ways. The scale of change will depend on the length of the lockdown the[Read More…]

Transportation a crucial second-generation policy issue for education choice

Florida is known as a land of school choice, and rightfully so. It is home to multiple large private school choice programs and a vibrant charter school sector. Its largest district proudly celebrates the fact that almost three-quarters of its students attend a school of choice. Criticizing Florida on school[Read More…]

Trusting John Dewey?

The curriculum and the teaching method that are ideal for children have long been in dispute and remain so. Favorite methods range from Montessori to Steiner to traditional classroom lecture, recital and ABCs; the same diversity holds for the perfect content – factual, moral and political. Many, also, are the[Read More…]

Proposed funding cap in Arizona would deprive thousands

If you need to make a choice between reading this post or watching the video featuring the mom pictured above, please watch the video. Katie Swingle explains why families with children with special needs require and deserve access to education choice. Her story demonstrates why depriving them of choice is[Read More…]