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Commentary and opinion

Guest commentary: While we get lost in the wrong arguments, too many of our kids aren’t ready for the future

Editor’s note: This commentary, first published Nov. 11 on Education Post, reminds us that the best way to prepare students for a rapidly changing world is to empower educators to create more diverse learning options and to enable all parents to access those learning options that best meet their children’s[Read More…]

A digression on the test obsession

Measuring a child’s mastery of material taught in school is plainly reasonable, often necessary. To a point the same may be said of the ceaseless effort of statisticians either to equate or distinguish groups of children by scores on standardized tests. Today a throng of experts, pro and con to[Read More…]

Bridging the gap between left and right on education choice

“If you care about children, parents, and communities, you can’t vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s the teachers’ union candidate.” This is the message educational opportunity activist (and CEO of Education Post) Chris Stewart posted on Twitter over the weekend. Too many parrot this type of argument, and it’s hurting our[Read More…]

education choice

Tribal bias often trumps facts in ed choice debates

Every legislative session the debates surrounding education choice remind me how our perceptions of reality are influenced by our cognitive biases, and why teaching students (and adults) about these biases is so important. Opponents of education choice regularly attack these programs for, among other things, taking money away from district[Read More…]