Commentary and Opinion

Commentary and opinion

The state of the (teachers) union

Somebody in the White House has been thinking. President Trump’s recent State of the Union address, while wanting perhaps in style, included a truly clever turn of the screw. Trump stole an issue only Cory Booker among the Democrats dared to touch – school choice for low income families. Booker[Read More…]

Escape from New York to Florida for more efficient education spending

The New York Post recently delivered a rather devastating comparison of New York, California, Florida and Texas on education spending. Since this is a Florida-based education blog and many New Yorkers move to Florida annually, let’s focus on the Sunshine and Empire states. If you are a New Yorker, what[Read More…]

Education choice families should heed key message in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue

Editor’s note: Leslie Hiner, vice president of legal affairs at EdChoice, connects this U.S. Supreme Court case with the recent controversy over the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program and the interests of LGBTQ, lower-income and minority students, stressing that the position held by those who argue against financial support of[Read More…]

Students suffering from anxiety, bullying and discrimination need options

Recently, the hashtag #ilovepublicschools trended on Twitter, but perhaps not in the way intended. My intent in sharing a sample of what happened when public school students and parents began weighing in is not to bash public schools. I am a public school graduate, my mother worked in the public[Read More…]

‘A school choice scholarship saved my life’

toldEditor’s note: Among the scores of supporters who gathered at the Capitol Rotunda Tuesday to show support for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program was Elijah Robinson, a Jacksonville teen who told attendees the program saved his life. As noted in an October 2019 redefinED article about Elijah, his story[Read More…]

The child’s right to the parent’s choice

Nearly a century ago, in 1925, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Pierce v. Society of Sisters. The state of Oregon had, by popular initiative, decided every child of school age would attend a “public” school to satisfy minimum educational requirements. Every family was to deliver its child to the state;[Read More…]

Florida’s mélange of K-12 education options expands opportunities for students, educators

“Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” Leto Atreides, Frank Herbert’s Dune Studying the Florida Education Landscape document, released last week by Step Up For Students, has become one of my favorite January rituals along with playoff football and enjoying Arizona’s sunny, mild weather.[Read More…]

Status quo mentality antithetical to education equity

Editor’s note: As National School Choice Week winds down, Step Up For Students’ manager of charter school initiatives Keith Jacobs considers the challenge of achieving educational equity for all and the danger inherent in embracing the status quo. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sitting in his Birmingham jail cell in 1963, the[Read More…]