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Commentary and opinion

Education savings accounts offer flexibility to build children’s best future

Editor’s note: This commentary from Juan Martinez, supervisor for The LIBRE Initiative-Florida, a group that advances economic empowerment in the Hispanic community, first appeared on Anyone who spends much time with children knows how different and unique every child is from another. As anyone with brothers or sisters can[Read More…]

Oklahoma Attorney General withdraws opinion enabling state-funded religious schools

This statement appeared today on the website of the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General. Attorney General Gentner Drummond today withdrew an opinion issued by his predecessor, stating that the Opinion “misuses the concept of religious liberty by employing it as a means to justify state-funded religion.” In one of[Read More…]

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: Opportunity Scholarships, ‘big, hairy audacious goals’

On this week’s episode of Students Over Systems, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush joins host Ginny Gentles to discuss the history of the Sunshine State’s flourishing education options. Among the topics: Bush explains how he overcame opposition to education freedom early in his governorship and remained focused on improving K-12[Read More…]

A charter academy delivering ‘classical’ education grows in popularity

Editor’s note: This article from Rick Hess, resident scholar and director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, appeared recently on You can listen to a podcast with reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner and Great Hearts Online executive director Kurtis Inforf here. Great Hearts Academy launched in[Read More…]

Conspiracy mongering anti-choice saga backfires, makes case for choice

Texas Monthly features a sprawling tale of the Dripping Springs Independent School District and how it plays into a vast right-wing conspiracy to destroy public education. If you have a pot of coffee to keep you awake and a couple of hours on your hands, you can read about it[Read More…]

podcastED: Florida mom wants education savings accounts to become reality

On this episode, senior writer Lisa Buie talks with Alkesha Williamson, a mother of five children, including three who receive state education choice scholarships. Williamson’s daughter is on the autism spectrum and receives the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities, which uses an education savings account model that[Read More…]

The big school choice turnaround in Iowa that more states should follow

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jason Bedrick, a research fellow in the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, appeared last week on the foundation’s website. State lawmakers are often slow to act, but they can move quickly when voters make them feel the heat. Consider Iowa, where Gov.[Read More…]

Newly introduced Vermont legislation could derail education choice in Green Mountain State

Vermont’s 154-year-old school voucher program is in jeopardy because of a new bill introduced in the state Senate this month. Worse still, the legislation offers a unique means of circumventing a string of U.S. Supreme Court victories that have expanded school choice over the last two decades. Vermont’s Town Tuitioning[Read More…]