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Commentary and opinion

Hawaii has much to teach the mainland on funding equity

I recently published a white paper on K-12 funding equity in Arizona. The news was not great. Back in 1980, Arizona lawmakers were concerned about a Serrano vs. Priest-style lawsuit from California (won by education choice icons Jack Coons and Stephen Sugarman, by the way!). The lawmakers went and did[Read More…]

Choices will improve education in Montana

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jesse Ramos, community engagement director at Americans for Prosperity-Montana, appeared Sunday on In my last column, I advocated for an education system where the money we spend on each student follows them, allowing them to prioritize their individual needs. I have been told I am[Read More…]

Want underserved Colorodans to go to college? Expand education choice.

Chalkbeat’s “Two Colorados” event earlier this month came to a key conclusion — not enough of the Centennial State’s historically underserved students (ethnic minorities and/or rural students) are going to college. Indeed, there is quite a bit of hard data to back this conclusion. For instance, fewer than half of[Read More…]

With KaiPod, parents decide what their children learn

Editor’s note: This article from Kerry McDonald, a senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education, appeared Saturday on the foundation’s website. Curriculum battles in public schools across the U.S. have reached a fever pitch in recent years, with parents and politicians fighting about what children should and should not be[Read More…]

Why even Oklahoma couldn’t pass a school voucher bill

Editor’s note: This commentary from Don Parker, a former charter school board member who served three Oklahoma department of education administrations in various advisory roles, appeared in the Spring 2022 issue of Education Next. A bill to create a school-voucher program in Oklahoma failed earlier this year to win passage in the[Read More…]

School choice can take political fights out of education

Editor’s note: This commentary appeared Monday on If you live in a state that held primaries last week, you’re probably sick of political ads. In my home state of Pennsylvania, millions were spent on the governor’s race alone—and millions more will be spent leading up to the general election[Read More…]

Jeb Bush: How we can reimagine the teaching profession for the 21st century in Florida and US

Editor’s note: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush advocates for teacher education reform to better improve the talent pipeline and encourage new educators in this opinion piece circulated by ExcelinEd, the organization for which he is founder and chairman. The commentary published originally in the Miami Herald. Across the country, schools[Read More…]