Commentary and Opinion

Commentary and opinion

Florida’s mélange of K-12 education options expands opportunities for students, educators

“Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” Leto Atreides, Frank Herbert’s Dune Studying the Florida Education Landscape document, released last week by Step Up For Students, has become one of my favorite January rituals along with playoff football and enjoying Arizona’s sunny, mild weather.[Read More…]

Status quo mentality antithetical to education equity

Editor’s note: As National School Choice Week winds down, Step Up For Students’ manager of charter school initiatives Keith Jacobs considers the challenge of achieving educational equity for all and the danger inherent in embracing the status quo. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sitting in his Birmingham jail cell in 1963, the[Read More…]

Catholic schools lead by example in academic excellence, overall benefit

Editor’s note: National Catholic Schools Week, celebrated nationwide since 1974, traditionally coincides with National School Choice Week. The theme – Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Succeed. – encompasses what Catholic school leaders consider the core products and values that can be found in Catholic schools across the country. James Herzog, associate[Read More…]

Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation

Editor’s note: At the midpoint of National School Choice Week, Step Up For Students’ executive director for advocacy and civic engagement offers her thoughts on a grassroots education choice group launched to exert political influence in the labor union model. You can read about the group’s founding and principles in[Read More…]

Commentary: Stop politicizing a personal school choice

Editor’s note: National School Choice Week, held every January, shines a spotlight on effective education options for children including traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies and homeschooling. NSCW president Andrew Campanella, whose latest book, “The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Finding the[Read More…]

The intellectual legacy and example of Clayton Christensen

A key contributor to understanding innovation in the modern economy died last week at age 67. Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen laid the groundwork for our understanding of disruptive innovation in technology and business, a concept that has been called the most influential business idea of the early 21st century[Read More…]

Ahead of National School Choice Week, much to celebrate but still more to achieve

National School Choice Week, set for Jan. 26-Feb. 1, is a time to celebrate the progress made in the expansion of schooling options for families. Within the lifetime of this author and many of you readers, only parents who could afford to strategically purchase real estate or pay for private[Read More…]