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Commentary and opinion

Sending out an SOS in Arizona

Editor’s note: In case you missed it, click here to listen to Matt Ladner’s recent interview on Phoenix-based public radio station KJZZ. After claiming to have no desire to take choice away from the special populations eligible for Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program, opponents have filed a ballot proposition to[Read More…]

Presidential candidates do not think all children are created equal

Editor’s note: This column from redefinED guest blogger Chris Stewart first appeared Feb. 25 on Education Post. I’m starting to notice a trend among the presidential candidates. I don’t think they’re vying to be a president who represents all Americans, just some. It sounds crazy but hear me out.  When Democratic frontrunners lavish[Read More…]

redefinEd executive editor talks education choice on Arizona public radio

For as long as there have been public schools, there has been school choice. That was the message Matt Ladner delivered to education choice critics in an interview on KJZZ, a Phoenix-based public radio station. The station aired interviews this week reflecting both sides of the education choice issue, which[Read More…]

Ongoing debate over district fraud in Tennessee shines positive light on education savings accounts

Who knew a prescription cream could be so expensive? Last fall, officials suspended three Tennessee public school employees while investigators reviewed the individuals’ involvement in an insurance fraud scheme that cost the school district some $800,000. The issue dates to around 2015, when two doctors began writing prescriptions for pain-relieving[Read More…]

Charters have 99 problems, but private choice is not one of them

Recently, the Trump administration proposed consolidating several federal education programs into a single block grant to states, including federal charter school funding. The same budget proposal calls for the creation a federal private school tax credit program. In other circumstances, both ideas would be worth a tussle on the merits.[Read More…]

Toward educational freedom in the UK

Lindsey Burke, director of the Center for Education Policy at the Heritage Foundation, Nile Gardiner, who directs the Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, and your humble author teamed up recently to produce a report calling for a next generation assisted places program in the United Kingdom. redefinED readers may[Read More…]

The state of the (teachers) union

Somebody in the White House has been thinking. President Trump’s recent State of the Union address, while wanting perhaps in style, included a truly clever turn of the screw. Trump stole an issue only Cory Booker among the Democrats dared to touch – school choice for low income families. Booker[Read More…]