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The new politics of school choice

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on Jessica Bagos is the kind of mom who may be on the verge of transforming K–12 education. “I grew up in public schools, and I’ve always been a proponent of the public-school system,” she says. Then came the COVID9 lockdowns. The[Read More…]

The education choice movement must keep our options open

In “The Hunt for Red October,” American officials learn that the Soviet Navy has sailed into the Atlantic with orders to sink one of its own submarines, a nearly undetectable vessel brimming with a huge atomic arsenal. At an intelligence briefing in Washington, protagonist Jack Ryan briefs American National Security[Read More…]

What to do with the time given to us?

Chester E. Finn Jr., distinguished senior fellow and president emeritus at the Fordham Institute, authored what is in my opinion the K-12 commentary of the year thus far with Did public education have it coming?  Finn’s piece was a reaction to Laura Meckler’s column in the Washington Post titled, “Public[Read More…]

National School Choice Week 2022 sees a changed and changing K-12 sector

National School Choice WeekThe year 2022 arrived just after the second anniversary of the first American COVID-19 case being announced. A great deal has changed over the last two years, including a very large rise in multi-vendor education in the form of pods and tutors: This is very significant and[Read More…]

American families prepare to yomp education again in 2022

During the Falklands War of 1982, the British managed to land troops. The Argentine air force, however, sank the cargo ship with the helicopters the British planned to use to transport themselves to the capitol city of Port Stanley. As a consequence, the British “yomped” 90 kilometers – just over[Read More…]

Learning pods for underserved students earns South Carolina group national recognition

  As the pandemic gripped the nation in the spring of 2020, American schools shut down and sent students home to finish the semester through online learning. The hastily organized programs were thought to be short-term solutions. But as the rising numbers of coronavirus cases ended administrators’ hopes of fully[Read More…]

Best of 2021: Pandemic pod rockets South Florida entrepreneur into a new career

Editor’s note: reimaginED is proud to reintroduce to our readers our best content of 2021 such as this feature story from senior writer Lisa Buie. Christy Kian wasn’t sure what she was getting into last year when she agreed to help a parent struggling to educate her two children during[Read More…]

Best of 2021: Fact-checking the pundits as a new school year begins

Editor’s note: reimaginED is proud to reintroduce to our readers our best content of 2021 such as this commentary from guest blogger Jonathan Butcher. As students head back to school, we can check some predictions made last year about how COVID would change K-12 classrooms. First, teacher unions forecast that[Read More…]