For learning pod teachers, a pandemic paradigm shift

Editor’s note: This post from Center on Reinventing Public Education senior analyst Steven Weiner on why so many teachers don’t want to return to traditional classrooms appeared Tuesday on The 74.  Samantha had been a veteran educator for 14 years, first as a classroom teacher and then a principal, when[Read More…]

Little school, big idea

DAVIE, Fla. – Two million people are crammed into Broward County. Two hundred and sixty thousand students are enrolled in its public schools. Big school districts all over America look more or less like the really big school district here, and they have for a long time. But if you[Read More…]

In designing resilient school systems, we must move beyond ‘either/or thinking’ on digital tools, remote learning

Editor’s note: This commentary from Julie Young, managing director of ASU Prep Academy and ASU Prep Digital and a reimaginED guest blogger, appeared Wednesday on The 74. A story is told about a flood that rose so quickly, a man had to go to the second floor of his home,[Read More…]

school choice

Word for word: SUFS president on expansion of education choice in Florida

Editor’s note: Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill appeared last week before the Florida House of Representatives’ Pre-K – 12 Education Appropriations Subcommittee to answer questions about how state scholarship programs are managed and how improvements could be made after passage of HB 7045, the nation’s largest education choice[Read More…]

South Carolina, education savings accounts have the potential to make the state a student’s market

Educators are in such high demand in South Carolina that observers are calling it a “teacher’s market.” While it’s reassuring that teachers have options, shouldn’t state officials make the education landscape a student’s market, too? Fortunately for families, some policymakers are already working on it. A recent survey of South[Read More…]

Why don’t people leave when there’s a ghost in the house?

In a classic bit in his comedy special “Delirious,” Eddie Murphy comments on how strange it is that people hang around in haunted houses in movies like “The Amityville Horror”: “I would have been in the house and said, ‘Baby, this is beautiful! We got a chandelier hanging here, kids[Read More…]