Demographic Research

School Choice Yearbook highlights 39 programs within 19 states and D.C.

School choice programs around the nation have experienced exceptional growth – in both the number of students served and the number of programs available – over the last two decades. The Alliance for School Choice’s new yearbook documents this expansion and highlights the programs within each state. While the school[Read More…]

Brown v. Board

The myth of school vouchers & racism

Many have tried to link vouchers and school choice to racism, but it can’t be done without a tortured reading of the law and civil rights history. So it was a surprise to see two civil rights attorneys at an elite American university doing exactly that last week. The attorneys,[Read More…]

Federal bill would give more school choice to military families

Some parents living on U.S. military bases could use special military scholarships to send their kids to a public or private school other than the one they are assigned to, under a bill recently filed by U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. The scholarship program would start as a 5-year, $10[Read More…]

Florida must embrace alternate visions of public education. Now.

How much concern should the citizens of Florida have for the unprecedented change in store for the state’s age demographics? The chart below displays projected increase in youth and elderly populations by state, focusing on the top 10 states for youth population growth. Keep in mind these are increases, not[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Educators supporting options, SPLC’s bizzare defense, Winston-Salem says no

The Association of American Educators The Association of American Educators (AAE) is a non-union professional service organization for teachers. The AAE does not promote strikes or boycotts, does not engage in collective bargaining and does not engage in political activity unrelated to education. It does provide member benefits such as[Read More…]

Charter schools dragging down grad rates? Look closer

The Palm Beach Post reported yesterday on the graduation rate disparity between district and charter schools in Palm Beach County, one of the biggest school districts in the nation, and the numbers sure made charter schools look bad. Though the district graduation rate was 76.3 percent, district-run schools had an[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: voucher lawsuit, charters, and schools of terror!

North Carolina Justice Center The North Carolina Justice Center, which bills itself as a civil rights advocacy organization for low-income families, has joined the North Carolina Association of Educators (a NEA affiliate) in a lawsuit to stop the state’s new voucher program, which ironically is for low-income students. The lawsuit[Read More…]

Florida private schools hit by funding change to dual enrollment

Some Florida private schools face an unexpected dilemma this school year: Find extra dollars to pay for state college courses their high school students want to take – or deny them the option. The problem stems from a new law requiring public school districts and individual private schools to cover[Read More…]