Education and Public Policy

Very little to be afraid of

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer devotes considerable attention to the impact school vouchers have on public schools. At a time when opponents to publicly funded private learning options are lobbing rhetorical hand grenades in several states, particularly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Inquirer reporter Adrienne Lu offers this fair-minded assessment: While studies are relatively[Read More…]

Legislative Watch: New Jersey and Virginia plans advance; Arizona and Tennessee bills filed

We continue to watch state legislation nationally and in Washington, D.C., that would establish tax credit scholarships, school vouchers or other publicly funded private options. New Jersey has generated the most attention with a proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act for low-income students benefitting from a 5-0 vote out of the assembly’s Commerce[Read More…]

Rhee on charters, choice and parent triggers

Michelle Rhee spent this afternoon at the Florida Legislature, speaking first in front of the state Senate PreK-12 committee and then in front of the House K-20 Competitiveness Subcommittee. Much of her testimony was spent addressing Florida’s Senate Bill 736, which is the Sunshine State’s latest effort to revamp teacher[Read More…]

How understanding what motivates us can guide our school reform efforts

Key to improving public education is aligning our practice with what scientists have discovered about human motivation. Daniel Pink, in his 2009 book, Drive, is the latest author to summarize these scientific findings and discuss their implications for enhancing public education. People are motivated, in part, by what social scientists[Read More…]

What public radio and television can teach us about public education

In this week’s Washington Post, Laura R. Walker, president and chief executive of New York Public Radio, and Jaclyn Sallee, president and chief executive officer of Alaska-based Kohanic Broadcast Corporation, defended taxpayer-funded journalism. According to Walker and Sallee, the federal government currently allocates $430 million to the Corporation for Public[Read More…]