Education and Public Policy

How the Democratic Party historically defined equal opportunity in education

Columbia University education professor Amy Stuart Wells is troubled by the spread of bipartisanship in education reform. “President Obama’s signature Race to the Top program, which promotes charter schools, state tests, and tough-love accountability for educators, might just as well have been proposed by a Republican president,” she writes in[Read More…]

The consequences of treating all teachers alike

Andrew Rotherham, in his weekly column, explores the move among many states to reform laws governing teacher tenure. But when weighing ending the practice of tenure altogether or at least expediting the process of removing teachers guilty of misconduct from the classroom, Rotherham’s commentary takes an intriguing turn toward teacher[Read More…]

Democratic support for vouchers? Florida serves as a case study for Boehner, Lieberman.

When John Boehner and Joe Lieberman introduce legislation on Wednesday that would reauthorize the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, as anticipated, they would be wise to look to Florida if they’re looking for bipartisan results, as Boehner has indicated. Lieberman, who became an independent only in 2006, championed voucher proposals for[Read More…]

Getting beyond left and right in education reform, a rally from an unlikely source

Soon after redefinED launched in late November, contributor Jon East commented on Jeb Bush’s call for bipartisanship  in developing “meaningful, child-centered” education reform during the former Florida governor’s National Summit on Education Reform in Washington, D.C. As Jon noted then, “this is not to be dismissed as idle happy talk,” and[Read More…]

What school choice contributes to systemic improvements in education: A spotlight on Florida

I’ve spent the previous two days discussing accomplishments in Jeb Bush’s tenure as Florida’s governor while highlighting that, despite Bush’s forceful leadership and insistence that high-poverty, minority children would succeed, the state has failed to implement all the systemic improvements the governor envisioned. But one significant change that did occur during[Read More…]