Tennessee Supreme Court holds education savings account pilot does not violate home rule amendment

Editor’s note: This news release was issued earlier today by the state of Tennessee courts system. In an opinion released today, the Tennessee Supreme Court determined that, while two Tennessee county governments had standing to challenge the Education Savings Account Pilot Program (the “ESA Act”), the Act is not rendered[Read More…]

The Supreme Court should not perpetuate discrimination on the basis of religion

This letter to the editor from Kirby Thomas West, a lawyer for the Institute for Justice who lives in Alexandria, Va., appeared Monday on For additional context on Carson v. Makin, read reimaginED senior writer Lisa Buie’s post here. In her Dec. 7 opinion essay, “Taxpayers should not fund religious[Read More…]

‘Equal treatment, not special treatment’: Conservative Supreme Court justices appear ready to strike down religious barriers to public school choice funding

Editor’s note: This commentary appeared Wednesday on The 74. For additional context on Carson v. Makin, read reimaginED senior writer Lisa Buie’s post here. Maine allows private religious schools to participate in its tuition benefit program for families that don’t have a public high school in their communities — except[Read More…]

Maine school choice case headed to U.S. Supreme Court could impact future education choice programs

The question of whether parents in Maine can send their children to religious schools using a K-12 state aid program will come another step closer to resolution this week when the nation’s highest court hears arguments in a case that could also influence whether other states adopt school choice programs.[Read More…]

Money, schools and religion: A controversial combo returns to the Supreme Court

Editor’s note: This commentary from Charles J. Russo, Joseph Panzer Chair in Education in the School of Education and Health Sciences and research professor of law at the University of Dayton, appeared last week on The Conversation. Since 1947, one topic in education has regularly come up at the Supreme[Read More…]

Lawsuit targets Michigan’s restriction on public funds paying for private, religious education

Editor’s note: This article appeared Friday on The Center Square. The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation partnered with Bursch Law to file a lawsuit alleging Michigan’s restriction on the use of public funds to pay for private education is unconstitutional. Five Michigan families and the Parent Advocates for Choice in Education (PACE) Foundation,[Read More…]

U.S. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Maine scholarship program

Families who attend faith-based schools in Maine received good news today when the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a potentially landmark case that could settle the issue of whether families can be barred from using education choice scholarships to send their children to religious schools that conduct religious activities.[Read More…]

Family at center of Maine school choice case hopes for U.S. Supreme Court victory

David and Amy Carson both graduated from Bangor Christian Schools, housed in a tidy, red brick building in Maine. In addition to core academic subjects like reading and math, the school emphasizes a “biblical worldview.”  Chapel meets every Thursday, and students are required to take Bible classes. So, when their[Read More…]