Education Choice

At this school for students with special needs, it’s can-do that’s infectious

HUDSON, Fla. – All four of Patricia Larkin’s kids have special needs, and all were making good progress at HOPE Ranch Learning Academy, a private school known for its equine therapy program. So when the coronavirus pandemic forced the single grandma to briefly veer into homeschooling, she got a little[Read More…]

Florida Virtual School preparing to blast off

Editor’s note: This is a developing story; watch for updates. Like many states, Florida has quickly ramped up its online education offerings to temporarily replace brick-and-mortar schools that were closed in response to the COVID-19 virus. But those efforts are about to receive an injection of rocket fuel that will[Read More…]

Hard work, not ‘magic Cubans,’ led to Florida’s Hispanic literacy surge

You, dear reader, look as though you could use some distraction from the viral apocalypse. Like many good stories, this one flashes back to the past to inform the present. A decade ago, while an analyst at the Goldwater Institute, I participated in a debate concerning choice versus curriculum reform.[Read More…]

Switch, now, to online learning? This charter school org was ready

About a decade ago, Fernando Zulueta was making a presentation to school district officials in Florida about why his charter school support company, Academica, needed to expand into online learning. For one thing, he told them, charter schools serviced by Academica must better serve students who need flexibility because of[Read More…]

Social distancing: a perfect opportunity for parents to find out what their children are learning

Coronavirus is interrupting life in general and education specifically. As parents in the U.S. adjust to school closures and the potential for their K-12 child’s coursework to continue online, families should come to realize that they will be exposed to more of what their children are learning. For some, this[Read More…]

Catholic schools move gracefully into online learning

Like all Florida public and private schools, Catholic schools, which educate about 1.8 million students nationwide and about 65,000 throughout the state, had mere days to move from in-person teaching to digital platforms once schools closed due to coronavirus. As word of the closure came, National Catholic Education Association president[Read More…]