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Parents of bullying victims: Florida school districts failing to inform about school choice scholarships

Florida school districts are routinely failing to notify parents of bullying victims that their children are eligible for new school choice scholarships aimed at giving them safer options, say parents who responded to a survey about the new program. Districts are required by law to notify parents about Hope Scholarships[Read More…]

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Florida Senate moves closer to expanding scholarship programs for low-income families

The Florida Senate agreed today to vote on a House bill that expands and aligns two K-12 scholarship programs for economically disadvantaged students. The action sets up a floor vote for Friday on HB 7067, which, if approved, will be sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis for his signature. The  bill[Read More…]

Fight over education choice pits family against family in Tennessee

Editor’s note: Some of the parties mentioned in this post, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, have expressed interest in suing to stop the Family Empowerment Scholarship, a program administered by Step Up For Students, which hosts this blog. The legal battle over Tennessee’s new education savings account (ESA)[Read More…]

Trusting John Dewey?

The curriculum and the teaching method that are ideal for children have long been in dispute and remain so. Favorite methods range from Montessori to Steiner to traditional classroom lecture, recital and ABCs; the same diversity holds for the perfect content – factual, moral and political. Many, also, are the[Read More…]

Word for word: Rep. Susan Valdes on HB7067

Editor’s note: Susan Valdes, D-Tampa, was one of eight Democrats who joined a Republican majority Monday to approve HB 7067. A nearly two-hour emotional debate on the bill, which is aimed at aligning policies between the new Family Empowerment Scholarship and the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship and increasing allowed enrollment[Read More…]

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Scholarship expansion for low-income students wins final approval in House

The Florida House passed a bill today that would expand and align two state scholarship programs that provide education choice to economically disadvantaged students. A similar Senate bill is scheduled to be heard Tuesday. The House voted 81 to 39, with eight Democrats joining the Republican majority, to approve HB[Read More…]

Proposed funding cap in Arizona would deprive thousands

If you need to make a choice between reading this post or watching the video featuring the mom pictured above, please watch the video. Katie Swingle explains why families with children with special needs require and deserve access to education choice. Her story demonstrates why depriving them of choice is[Read More…]

House amends K-12 scholarship expansion bill to track Senate version

The Florida House approved changes to a bill that would bolster and align two state scholarship programs that provide education choice to economically disadvantaged students. The changes, approved on a voice vote, line up HB 7067 to nearly match a Senate version, SB 1220, that won approval in the Senate[Read More…]