Education Equity

Angry parents are school choice advocates-in-waiting. Duh.

Editor’s note: This commentary from Robert Pondiscio, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, originally appeared on the Institute’s web site. It is a truth so obvious that it scarcely needs to be said: successful businesses have satisfied customers while unsatisfied customers take their business elsewhere. It’s true of[Read More…]

Commentary: We should be expanding school choice in Colorado, not restraining it

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from Colorado Rep. Dan Woog, who represents the 63rd District in the Colorado House of Representatives and serves on the Energy and Environment Committee, appeared last weekend in Colorado’s Greeley Tribune. It will come as no surprise to the parents and students of Colorado that[Read More…]

In memory of a champion of school choice for lower-income parents

Stephen Dwight Sugarman died the day after Christmas, interrupting almost 60 years of our friendship and collaboration on this planet. His unique character, personality, and family life I will save for another occasion. Here, I will briefly remember his impact on school choice, law school – and myself. We met[Read More…]

Students, not failing schools, should be the ones receiving funding

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jason Peirce, a parent with children in Brevard Public Schools, appeared Thursday on Recent guest columnist Adam Bryn Tritt’s use of Thomas Jefferson to make his case that public schools and the education system exist for “the collective benefit” of our “country and democracy,” and “not for the[Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on the future of education choice

On this episode, Tuthill and Bush look back at the 20-year history of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program and the education revolution that was launched with Bush’s A+ Plan, signed into law in June 1999 with the goal of toughening standards for teachers, students and schools. The most controversial[Read More…]

The USA and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10th, 1948. The Declaration includes 30 articles spelling out individual “basic rights and fundamental freedoms,” declaring these rights to be inalienable and applicable to all human beings. Article 26 deals with education and reads as follows:[Read More…]