Education Funding

Estimating costs for universal school choice, new choice programs, and more

Editor’s note: This commentary from Christian Barnard, senior policy analyst at Reason Foundation, appeared Monday on the foundation’s website. The argument that private school choice programs save taxpayer money has been compelling and straightforward for decades. Most private school vouchers, tax credit scholarships, and education savings account programs have had[Read More…]

Education freedom: State funding is only half the battle

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jeff Yass, co-founder and managing director of Philadelphia-based Susquehanna International Group and an early investor in TikTok, appeared Tuesday on Milton Friedman was not only a brilliant economist, but he was prescient on the potential for markets to drive a demand for education freedom.[Read More…]

Critics are wrong: Ohio parents, students deserve freedom that comes with school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary from Sandra O’Brien, a Republican member of the Ohio Senate, appeared Monday on Ohio’s The Parent Educational Freedom Act, Senate Bill 11, offers the best educational opportunity for students of both public and private schools. As a former public school educator, I know each child is[Read More…]

Indiana push to change property taxes would benefit charter schools

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on Republican lawmakers are advancing major changes to the state’s school funding system to benefit charter schools and districts with relatively low property tax values. The proposed Republican House budget, along with a newly amended GOP Senate bill, would rework Indiana’s property tax system[Read More…]