Education Legislation & Policy

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews Pennsylvania State Sen. Scott Martin

On this episode, Tuthill talks to the chair of the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee about education choice in the Keystone State and the outcome of the 2021 legislative session. Despite a divided government, Pennsylvania created new charter school authorizers and increased its Educational Improvement Tax Credit program funding by $40[Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews New Hampshire State Rep. Glenn Cordelli

On this episode, Tuthill talks to the vice chair of the Granite State’s House Education Committee about the Education Freedom Account Program, which was approved during the last legislative session. The program allows students in low- and middle-income households to receive education savings accounts that can be used for private[Read More…]

New school year brings expanded education options for students, families

Editor’s note: This commentary from John Schoof, a research associate at the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, appeared Thursday on The Daily Signal. Over a million additional students will be eligible to use private school choice options this school year, thanks to the legislative boom across the country in[Read More…]

New Hampshire’s new education savings account will allow families to customize learning

Editor’s note: Be sure to visit reimaginED this Wednesday to listen to a podcast with Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill and New Hampshire state Rep. Glenn Cordelli. Interest in a new school choice option in New Hampshire is running high after more than 1,000 families submitting inquiries to the[Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews West Virginia Sen. Patricia Rucker

On this episode, Tuthill talks to the chair of the state Senate Education Committee about the Mountain State’s recent landmark session for education reform. West Virginia lawmakers expanded open enrollment for district students, created alternative pathways for teacher certification, strengthened existing charter school laws, and created the Hope Scholarship Program,[Read More…]

COVID-19 spurs school choice legislation as Missouri, 4 other states pass education savings account bills

Editor’s note: This post from Wayne D’Orio appeared Monday on The 74. As the new school year ramps up, much of the national attention is focused on mask mandates and how aspects of U.S. history will be taught. But away from the spotlight, the issue of school choice is quietly[Read More…]

School choice bill will be ‘game changer’ for Pennsylvania schoolchildren

A Pennsylvania lawmaker has introduced legislation that would establish a state-funded education savings account that families could use to cover the cost of private school tuition or homeschooling. Rep. Andrew Lewis’  Excellent Education for All Act would create Keystone Hope Scholarships, increase funding for the state’s tax credit program for businesses[Read More…]

State officials expand school choice scholarship eligibility to families in military reserves

More military families will be able to qualify for state K-12 education choice scholarships due to a rule change approved today by the Florida Board of Education. The rule was made in response to the passage of HB 7045, which expanded scholarship eligibility to dependents of active duty military families.[Read More…]