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Teacher pay, school choice, literacy: Top priorities for 39 governors in 2023

This analysis appeared Wednesday on the The COVID pandemic — the topic that has dominated education conversations for the past three years — is largely missing from the State of the State addresses that governors are delivering to their legislatures this winter. Instead, state leaders are using their bully[Read More…]

What do the parents have to lose?

In the stunning fantastic Disney+ Star Wars series Andor, the shadowy Luthen Rael finally reveals something about himself by telling a subordinate about what he was sacrificing. In response he gave the above speech which you can watch the amazing Stellen Skarsgaard deliver here. Luthen makes clear that far from[Read More…]

Word for Word: Florida Senate sponsor of SB 202 Corey Simon talks about his education choice experiences as a student and a parent

Editor’s note: When state Sen. Corey Simon. R- Tallahassee, explained SB 202 last week at the Senate Education Committee on Pre-12, opponents expressed typical concerns. Among them: Would such a large expansion of education choice to all students be the death knell for public schools?  Simon, whose bill includes measures[Read More…]

Florida education savings account bill wins approval from House subcommittee

A modified version of a House bill that would make all Florida students eligible for education savings accounts easily won approval today at the second of three required committee stops. Members of the House Pre-K – 12 Education Appropriations Subcommittee approved a committee substitute for HB 1 by a vote[Read More…]

Conspiracy mongering anti-choice saga backfires, makes case for choice

Texas Monthly features a sprawling tale of the Dripping Springs Independent School District and how it plays into a vast right-wing conspiracy to destroy public education. If you have a pot of coffee to keep you awake and a couple of hours on your hands, you can read about it[Read More…]

Senate education choice expansion bill wins first committee approval

The Senate version of a bill that would expand eligibility for flexible spending accounts to all K-12 students cleared its first hurdle today on the way to becoming the largest expansion of education choice in Florida’s history. Members of the Senate Committee on Education for Pre-K through 12 voted 9-3[Read More…]

The big school choice turnaround in Iowa that more states should follow

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jason Bedrick, a research fellow in the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, appeared last week on the foundation’s website. State lawmakers are often slow to act, but they can move quickly when voters make them feel the heat. Consider Iowa, where Gov.[Read More…]

Arizona, Iowa, Utah, W Virginia (and ???) want YOU, young families!

Your friendly neighborhood school choice mad scientist, aware of his eccentricity, keeps a healthy skepticism regarding his own notions. When I discussed one of my crazy ideas – that an educations savings account program would withstand the Arizona Blaine Amendment – with Arizona Supreme Court justice Clint Bolick, his eyes[Read More…]