Education Spending

S.C. should trust parents to make the best education choices for their kids

Should schools do more to train students for the workforce, or focus on the three R’s? South Carolina K-12 officials have been debating that very question lately. A few education experts from around the country also chimed in, according to a local report. State lawmakers, though, are moving in a[Read More…]

And the 2022 NAEP pathetic literacy performance award goes to …

It’s award season here at reimaginED, and we’re reviewing a trend from “the Nation’s Report Card” for low-income students who tested in all 50 states between 2003 and 2022 on the fourth grade Reading exam. Basically, you want to see your state on the right side of the zero line[Read More…]

‘Getting and spending’ wastes parent, student power

In Baltimore, local media are reporting that a student with a 0.13 GPA ranked in the top half of his class. After finishing four years of high school, district officials shocked this student (who is not named, though his mother, Tiffany France, is quoted in the story) and his family[Read More…]

Don’t blame education choice for school district budget woes

With economic difficulties mounting for Florida’s school districts, budgets are tightening and competition for funds is intensifying. So is confusion. Whether intentional or not, something is being lost in translation in education budget reporting. Several recent news stories have featured district officials who are blaming home education, charter schools and,[Read More…]

Indiana nonprofit uses $8.3 million state education grant to clear college roadblocks for more than 1,000 high school Hoosiers

Kevin Teasley loves success stories. That’s because he has plenty of them to tell. There’s the student who was on the verge of dropping out of school, only to graduate from high school with a college degree. Then there’s the academically gifted student who started taking college courses at age[Read More…]

The swirling private school universe

Editor’s note: This commentary from Chester E. Finn, distinguished senior fellow and president emeritus of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, appeared Thursday on the institute’s website. The Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision in Carson v. Makin, telling Maine it must not deny tuition assistance to families solely because the private schools they[Read More…]

Back to the future: The case for modernizing Arizona’s K-12 funding formula

Editor’s note: Here is the introduction to a new white paper authored by Matthew Ladner, director of the Arizona Center for Student Opportunity, and reimaginED executive editor. You can read the full paper here. Arizona has long ranked fairly low in rankings of per pupil funding. Demographic and other factors[Read More…]