Education Spending

The real drain on education spending

Editor’s note: This commentary from Aaron Smith, director of education policy at the Reason Foundation, characterizes Florida as “the nation’s school choice bellwether.” It appears today on the National Review. As public-school battles over masks, vaccinations, and critical race theory continue, one thing is for certain this year: The demand for school choice will[Read More…]

Under the staircase, Part 2

In an earlier post, I explained why districts don’t tend to replicate or expand high-demand schools. In a word, the reason is politics. Adults working in low-demand schools, with enrollment well below the design capacity of their buildings, tend to look upon expanding or replicating high-demand district schools in a[Read More…]

Pennsylvania legislators provide huge boost to education choice

Despite achieving the single biggest boost in the history of Pennsylvania’s tax credit scholarship program, state lawmakers already are pledging to keep working toward further expansion of education choice for families. In addition to a $300 million increase to basic education funding, lawmakers last week approved an annual budget that[Read More…]

Study: School choice in Indiana led to savings for state

Editor’s note: This post appeared earlier today on Inside Indiana Business. A new study from Ball State University shows Indiana’s school choice options saved the state nearly $90 million for the 2019-2020 academic year. The study, conducted by the Center for Business and Economic Research, indicates the savings equates to[Read More…]

Florida is overcoming ‘systemic privilege’ by putting students before the ‘system’

Editor’s note: This commentary from William Mattox, director of the Marshall Center for Educational Options at the James Madison Institute, appeared Friday on RealClear Policy. Throughout America, a very important – and highly racialized – conversation is taking place about overcoming injustice. Here in Florida, that conversation has often gone[Read More…]

Project Nickel: A new search engine to help parents learn what public schools spend

In the 2019 feature film “Miss Virginia,” a working mother in the nation’s capital struggles to help her teenage son escape a violent public school and leads a grassroots movement to rally parents to demand new school choice options for their children. A turning point in the story occurs when[Read More…]

Buckeye Institute: Education savings accounts give Ohio’s children the best chance to succeed

On Wednesday, Greg R. Lawson, a research fellow at The Buckeye Institute, an independent research and educational institution whose mission is to advance free-market public policy in the states, testified before the Ohio Senate Primary and Secondary Education Committee on a state spending bill. In his testimony, Lawson outlined areas[Read More…]

A farewell to Edsel

The central problem in American K-12 education, as John Chubb and Terry Moe instructed us years ago in their book, “Politics, Markets, and America’s Schools,” is politics. In most human endeavors, we make more of what people want. If people want less of something, they stop purchasing it, quickly sending[Read More…]