Faith-based Education

Catholic virtual school offers options to families seeking online faith-based education

When Susana Moro was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia nearly four years ago, a faith-based virtual school in South Florida allowed her daughter to stay home with her mom while keeping up with her schoolwork. “She felt very comfortable and loved the classes,” said Moro, who underwent a successful bone[Read More…]

National micro-school model hoping to make inroads in Florida

A network of non-traditional schools that has attracted nationwide attention from families seeking safe learning options during the pandemic could be part of Florida’s future. Arizona-based Prenda, which launched in 2018 and now boasts more than 200 partnerships with private schools, public school districts and individual public charter schools, features[Read More…]

PodcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews education choice icon Stephen Sugarman: Part 2

On this episode, Tuthill continues his conversation with education choice pioneer Stephen Sugarman of Berkeley Law School. The two discuss Sugarman’s 2017 article in the Journal of Law and Religion in which Sugarman argues that prohibiting faith-based schools from becoming charter schools is unconstitutional under the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.[Read More…]

Komer saved the best for last

Bigots spent an enormous amount of effort in the late 19th century enshrining their hostility to Catholics and Jews into dozens of state constitutions in the form of Blaine Amendments. They quite nearly amended the federal Constitution as well. It was never going to be easy to undo, but it[Read More…]

For this Christian school, pandemic is opportunity to shine

Last week, the headmaster at The Rock School, a Christian school in Gainesville, Florida, led a Zoom town hall with hundreds of parents. All of them had re-enrolled their children for the fall back in February, before COVID-19 upended everything. But Jim McKenzie told them during the meeting that if[Read More…]

Catholic schools move gracefully into online learning

Like all Florida public and private schools, Catholic schools, which educate about 1.8 million students nationwide and about 65,000 throughout the state, had mere days to move from in-person teaching to digital platforms once schools closed due to coronavirus. As word of the closure came, National Catholic Education Association president[Read More…]

Broward County private school uses ingenuity, technology to keep learning on track

Stacy Angier figured it was only a matter of time. Three days before the announcement of a statewide school shutdown, the principal of Abundant Life Christian Academy had been privy to updates on how Covid-19 was ravaging Broward County through her volunteer position as a commissioner for the North Broward[Read More…]

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship eased journey for college-bound high school senior

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. – Carlos Escobar, a popular and successful senior at Classical Christian School For The Arts, will be graduating in May. But his walk across the stage won’t begin to describe the twisting road he traveled to get there. Carlos was born in Puerto Rico and entered the[Read More…]