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podcastED: an interview with education choice advocate Virginia Walden Ford

Editor’s note: For more than two decades, education choice advocate Virginia Walden Ford has tirelessly championed families and students living in lower-income neighborhoods to ensure that all children have the academic options they deserve. After growing up in Little Rock, Ark., during the battle for school integration, Walden Ford led[Read More…]

The system is winning. For now.

Editor’s note: In this commentary, originally published Nov. 26 on Education Post, Chris Stewart shares his thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s recent encounter with charter school supporters and expresses gratitude for those individuals who had the courage “to take their grievances directly to the source of political power that seeks to[Read More…]

Thankful for more educational freedom (hopefully) on its way

Editor’s note: redefinED is offering this Thanksgiving Day commentary from Neal McCluskey, director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, via a Creative Commons republication agreement. If you know your United States history, you know that the Pilgrims came to North America seeking to practice their religion free from[Read More…]

Howard Fuller went down to Georgia looking for a party’s soul to heal

A recent protest of Elizabeth Warren’s education plan staged by a group of charter school parents at an event in Atlanta – which happened to include civil rights activist and education reform advocate Dr. Howard Fuller – resulted in a conversation between the senator and the parents that caused quite[Read More…]