Florida Schools Roundup

redefinED roundup: tax credit scholarships in South Carolina, parent triggers in Colorado and more

Louisiana:  State Superintendent John White: Teachers are soldiers in fight for social justice. (Baton Rouge Advocate) State House passes bill for program similar to tax-credit scholarships. (New Orleans Times Picayune.) Voucher and charter school proposal rolls through state Senate committee. (Shreveport Times.) South Carolina: State House passes major expansion of school choice,[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Jalen Rose’s charter school in Michigan, vouchers in Louisiana and more

Louisiana: State House passes voucher bill (New Orleans Times Picayune) with bipartisan support. (redefinED) Michigan: Charter school started by former basketball star Jalen Rose has more applicants than openings. (MLive) Florida: Parent trigger bill apparently died for reasons other than pros and cons of parent triggers. (Sunshine State News) New[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Voucher plan advances in Alaska, Florida Virtual School gets more scrutiny and more

Alaska: Voucher bill gains ground in the legislature. (Alaska Dispatch) Florida: Florida Virtual School, a national model, comes under more scrutiny for its effectiveness. (Education Week.) Indiana: More competition from school choice means school districts must step up their marketing, a columnist argues. (Lafayette Journal & Courier) All-boys charter school coming to Indianapolis. (Indianapolis Star)

redefinED roundup: parent trigger shot down in Florida, Blaine Amendment complications in Missouri and more

Florida: A parent trigger bill goes down on a dramatic 20-20 vote in the state senate. The same body quietly approves an expansion of the state’s tax credit scholarship for low-income students. Washington, D.C.: President Obama and Republican governors have found a lot of common ground on education, but private school vouchers[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: parent triggers in Florida, voucher studies in Milwaukee and more

Editor’s note: We’re going to try something new this morning – a quickie roundup of recent headlines that we think deserve your attention. In keeping with redefinED’s focus, we’ll put the spotlight on stories regarding school choice (vouchers, charters, tax-credit-scholarships, etc.) and/or speak to new definitions of public education. Florida:[Read More…]