Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

A school choice scholarship saved Elijah’s life – and allowed him to be who he is

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Every day, they cut him with slurs. Almost every day, they tried to block him from the boys’ locker room. For Elijah Robinson, a soft-spoken kid with mocha skin and almond eyes, the harassment at his high school was cruel punishment for his sexual identity. It started[Read More…]

The little school where it’s okay to fail

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – In the ever-expanding universe of public education, Phil and Jennifer Henderson are, by their own design, little fish in a big pond. A few years ago, the couple left teaching in public schools here on the edge of metro Orlando to start their own little micro-school.[Read More…]

school choice

A perfect school for a quirky girl

Editor’s note: Each Saturday in September, redefinED is dipping into the archives to revisit a compelling story written from the perspective of a parent advocate. In today’s post, mother Dawn Everly reveals how she found a perfect fit for her daughter at a private school with help from a Florida[Read More…]

Busting myths of 20 years ago

Florida’s then-Gov. Jeb Bush testifying before a U.S. House committee Sept. 23, 1999. Twenty years ago this week, Gov. Jeb Bush spoke before the House Education Budget Committee about Florida’s recently passed A+ Plan and the state’s first voucher, the Opportunity Scholarship Program. “It’s been fun, in all honesty,” Bush[Read More…]

Two opposing forces strike similar tone on education equity

What would be the likely outcome if the president of the nation’s largest tax credit scholarship program and the president of the state’s largest teachers union were asked similar questions by a reporter at an NPR and PBS member station? If you think there’d be little agreement, a few sparks,[Read More…]

A roadmap for the future of education in Florida

Two decades ago, Florida planted the seeds of ambitious education reform that have proved fruitful. The Sunshine State has seen significant improvements in academic achievement and graduation rates – Education Week recently ranked the state fourth in the nation in K-12 achievement for the second year in a row —[Read More…]

From public school teacher to rebel for educational choice

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – First day of school. Pick-up time. As 375 giddy students clotted in The Foundation Academy  courtyard, Nadia Hionides, the K-12 school’s founder and principal, made the rounds. She asked returning students how their summers went. She asked the new ones if they made new friends yet. One[Read More…]