S.C. should trust parents to make the best education choices for their kids

Should schools do more to train students for the workforce, or focus on the three R’s? South Carolina K-12 officials have been debating that very question lately. A few education experts from around the country also chimed in, according to a local report. State lawmakers, though, are moving in a[Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews East Carolina University’s Kevin Currie-Knight: (Part 2)

In the second of a two-part discussion, Tuthill talks with a teaching assistant professor and leading thinker on “unschooling,” or self-directed learning. Tuthill and Currie-Knight discuss the public education marketplace and the dichotomy between choice opponents’ growing concern about monopolies from companies such as Google and Amazon while ignoring the[Read More…]

Funding for Gardiner, Reading scholarships remains intact in 2020-21 state budget

A $42 million increase to the Gardiner Scholarship program for students with unique abilities has been spared in a state budget totaling $92.2 billion, despite a more than $1 billion spending veto. Gov. Ron DeSantis earlier today signed the state budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year that in addition to[Read More…]

Presidential candidates do not think all children are created equal

Editor’s note: This column from redefinED guest blogger Chris Stewart first appeared Feb. 25 on Education Post. I’m starting to notice a trend among the presidential candidates. I don’t think they’re vying to be a president who represents all Americans, just some. It sounds crazy but hear me out.  When Democratic frontrunners lavish[Read More…]

fact-checkED: This ‘quick fact’ about scholarships hurting public schools is no fact at all

A story in Sunday’s Lakeland Ledger about a union-sponsored public education summit in Polk County included a chart of “Quick Facts” that bears scrutiny. One of them, about the financial impact of Florida Tax Credit Scholarships, is false. The statement: “In 2018, tax-credit scholarship programs totaled $1.058 billion, money that[Read More…]

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DeSantis budget cuts to impact Florida charter schools

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has vetoed just over $1.35 million in funding that would have gone to several charter schools around the state, including Academy at the Farm in Pasco County and Somerset Academy in Jefferson County. The cuts were part of the $131 million in appropriations the governor excised[Read More…]