Gardiner Scholarship

PodcastED: How education choice serves special needs students

Educational choice supporters believe that the future of public education looks a lot like growing models and services available to students with unique abilities. For instance, the Gardiner Scholarship will serve approximately 14,000 students in Florida this upcoming school year. The scholarship is an educational savings account for families of[Read More…]

Colorado non-profits focused on out-of-school learning

Two Denver-based non-profits are working to expand learning experiences outside classroom walls. ReSchool Colorado is partnering with the Donnell-Kay Foundation on a state ballot initiative that would establish a state-funded out-of-school learning program for low-income students. Initial plans call for $300 million in state funding over six years to serve[Read More…]

The changing faces of home-schooled students

Home schooling is a tradition that predates the founding of the United States, and since the 1990s has rapidly been growing. Students in home education settings account for 3 percent of the student population. A new report by Aaron Hirsh of the Center on Reinventing Public Education highlights the changing[Read More…]

Special needs scholarship helps student stand on his own

Editor’s note: This month, redefinED is revisiting stories that shine a light on extraordinary students. Today’s spotlight, first published in August 2016, tells the story of an orphaned, medically challenged child whose life was transformed by loving foster parents and a Gardiner Scholarship for students with special needs . For nearly three[Read More…]

Gardiner Scholarship

DeSantis touts funding boost for Gardiner Scholarship

JACKSONVILLE – Returning to the school where he first pledged to eliminate a waiting list for the Gardiner Scholarship, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday celebrated a boost in state funding for the program for students with special needs. DeSantis spoke at North Florida School of Special Education, where in February[Read More…]

revisitED: Gardiner Scholarships give students with autism a homeschool lifeline

Editor’s note: redefinED is supporting National Autism Awareness Month each Saturday in April by reposting articles from our archives that celebrate those who champion the educational rights of children with autism. Today’s post, which originally appeared in September 2018, features a mother and son that found success through a Gardiner[Read More…]

revisited: Study says more school choice regs = lower school choice quality

Editor’s note: redefinED continues its journey through the archives, reviving on Saturdays interesting posts on various topics that deserve a second look. Throughout March, we’re featuring pieces on school accountability. In today’s post, which originally appeared in October 2018, Step Up For Students’ public affairs manager Patrick Gibbons interprets a[Read More…]