Gardiner Scholarship

Growth in Florida’s education choice programs accelerating

Editor’s note: The data in this post are accurate as of 5:06 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, 2019. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran announced recently that the state’s new Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) program, enacted with bipartisan support, reached its 18,000-student enrollment cap only three months after[Read More…]

fact-checkED: Family Empowerment Scholarships are not the only state-funded voucher

Editor’s note: We add a new feature today, called fact-checkED, that is inspired by the many factchecking efforts across the media landscape these days. Our work will focus solely within the arena of educational choice, and our goal is to bring clinical precision to issues that are often complex and[Read More…]

Commentary: Florida needs more scholarships for special needs students

Editor’s note: Amanda Bryant of Polk City and her husband are raising nine children, six of whom are homeschooled and three of whom have special needs. Bryant wrote this commentary for the Lakeland Ledger explaining her family’s reliance on the Gardiner Scholarship, which provides education choice to families of special[Read More…]

Gardiner Scholarship

Commentary: Gardiner Scholarship provides crucial support for children with special needs

Editor’s note: In this commentary, published Sept. 11 in the Naples Daily News, the mother of a child with autism tells of her family’s decision to leave their home in Puerto Rico for the mainland so she and her husband could get better jobs and their son, Omar, could get[Read More…]

Ed choice scholarship was ‘a Godsend’

Editor’s note: Each Saturday in September, redefinED is dipping into the archives to revisit a compelling story written from the perspective of a parent advocate. Today’s post features a mom who utilized a Gardiner Scholarship to provide her special needs son with educational resources he would not have received otherwise.[Read More…]

Should homeschool parents support school vouchers?

While recent national data suggest homeschooling growth may be slowing, a report issued this week by the Cato Institute concludes that the homeschooling population is increasing many times faster than the K-12 public school population in a number of states with particularly favorable education choice programs, including Florida. The report,[Read More…]

Commentary: Special education is more complex than many realize

Editor’s note: The Orlando Sentinel recently published commentary arguing that private schools that accept vouchers discriminate against children with special needs. A Volusia County parent of a special needs child begs to differ. Donna Berman’s son, Brandon, who had autism and a brain tumor as well as muscular dystrophy and[Read More…]

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The fight for education equity continues as new school year begins

As students begin returning to classrooms, I can’t help but notice that some parents are willing to risk it all for their child’s education. Many are not satisfied with their current learning environment and have taken extreme measures for a chance to have an equal opportunity. Reports across the United[Read More…]