revisitED: Peace, love & accountability

Editor’s note: redefinED continues its journey through the archives, reviving on Saturdays interesting posts on various topics that deserve a second look. In March, we’ll feature pieces on school accountability, beginning with this one that shines a light on War on Poverty liberals who supported private school vouchers in the[Read More…]

New look coming Monday for redefinED!

Eight years is an eternity for a blog. And hoo boy, was redefinED beginning to show its age! So we’ve given ourselves a makeover. ???? We trust you’ll like the new look we’re unveiling Monday. It’s cleaner, crisper, more colorful. It’s also more functional, with a design that showcases multiple[Read More…]

Moving on

Today is my last day editing this blog. After 23 years as a Floridian, six years chronicling the politics and policy of the public education system that educated me, and four and half years writing in this space, I’m moving on to start a new chapter alongside my fiancee, who teaches[Read More…]

RedefinED is looking for a new editor

As readers will learn in more detail on Friday, redefinED editor Travis Pillow, an education journalist extraordinaire, is leaving Florida and this blog to set up shop in another hotbed of educational innovation – New Orleans. (Okay, so there’s also an amazing woman, who happens to be an enormously talented[Read More…]