Montana moms get their day in court

Shortly after Montana created its first tax credit scholarship, Mike Kadas, head of the state’s Department of Revenue, unilaterally declared that scholarships could not be used at religious private schools. Kadas argued the state’s Blaine Amendment, a 19th century relic of Catholic discrimination, barred “direct or indirect” appropriations to religious[Read More…]

Florida charter schools win in court

A court ruling this week could lift a cloud over key portions of House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s initiative to lure more nationally recognized charter school operators to Florida. Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper upheld all the parts of last year’s House bill 7069 that 13 school districts had tried[Read More…]

Governor Rick Scott signs significant homeschool legislation

Gov. Rick Scott signed into law the most significant legislation to impact homeschool families in years. House bill 731 reins in school districts’ inquiries to parents who start home education programs. The legislation came in response to concerns among parents that districts were adding hurdles for homeschool registration. That likely contributed to a[Read More…]

Fla. House approves personalized learning bill

The Florida House approved legislation this afternoon that would expand a state initiative to give students choice and help them learn at their own pace. The bill would open a personalized learning pilot program to every district in the state and give participating school districts more flexibility to decide how they award[Read More…]

Florida House approves home education legislation

The House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation Thursday that would limit requirements school districts place on homeschoolers. Rep. Jennifer Sullivan’s bill,  HB 731 , would also increase homeschoolers’ access to dual enrollment and career education courses. In an amendment filed this week, Florida would no longer require homeschool students to provide their own[Read More…]