South Florida’s education renaissance is about more than schools

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Broward County isn’t one of the locales featured in “The Geography of Genius: Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Places.” But if author Eric Weiner is game for a follow-up, he might want to visit this suburb where Johnny Depp grew up to see what’s happening in[Read More…]

Parents looking for safer education solutions turn to ‘pandemic pods’

Christy Kian’s phone rang in early March when the number of COVID-19 cases had just started climbing. The parent of two students whom Kian had taught at a Broward County private school wasn’t satisfied with distance learning. Anticipating that brick-and-mortar schools might not be able to reopen safely in the[Read More…]

Bridging the gap between left and right on education choice

“If you care about children, parents, and communities, you can’t vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s the teachers’ union candidate.” This is the message educational opportunity activist (and CEO of Education Post) Chris Stewart posted on Twitter over the weekend. Too many parrot this type of argument, and it’s hurting our[Read More…]

Gardiner scholarship

Miss Ana and her mighty home school micro cluster

MIAMI – “Guys! Choo-choo formation!” At Ana Garcia’s command, a loose knot of people near the turnstiles at Zoo Miami – three adults, five kids – lined up, put their hands on the back shoulders of the person in front of them, and merged into something less locomotive than caterpillar.[Read More…]

Fighting for school choice ‘on every frontier’: Q & A with Ken Campbell

Late last month, the Black Alliance for Educational Options announced Ken Campbell will step down after five years as president of the organization, where he has served in various leadership roles since its founding. Jacqueline Cooper, BAEO’s chief of staff, will be filling in as president while the organization prepares a national search for a new leader. In[Read More…]

Eric Garner protest

Eric Garner and the soul of education reform: Derrell Bradford, podcastED

The tragedies that drew thousands of people into the streets in cities around the country this past weekend have also prompted soul-searching in the education reform movement. If our goal is to respond to the educational needs of disadvantaged communities, can we ignore the other injustices in their lives? How[Read More…]

Private school in Haiti gets help from U.S. charter school company

Charter Schools USA is one of the nation’s largest for-profit charter school management companies, with 58 schools in seven states. But the Florida-based organization also has a charitable arm that’s helping a hardscrabble private school in Haiti. The Giving Tree Foundation has pledged to raise $250,000 to build a new[Read More…]