Military families: Charter school would be closer, better, more responsive

For retired Air Force Sgt. Greg Parmer, having a K-8 charter school at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., would give military families more and better options for middle school. For Amanda Madden, who lives on the base with her husband, a technical sergeant, and two sons, such a[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Charter fraud in CA, vouchers under fire in LA, charters worried in NYC but hopeful in NJ

Alabama:  Former Gov. Bob Riley becomes chairman of the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund (Southeast Sun, Education Week). Step Up for Students President Doug Tuthill sets the record straight regarding false accusations about the program ( California: Money may be the real motivator behind charter school conversions (Education Week, Hechinger Report). A man pleads guilty to[Read More…]

Reform-minded Catholic schools push to close reading gaps

It’s the benchmark for long-term academic success – having every student reading at grade level or higher by the end of third grade. And it’s the lofty mission of a new reading program for Catholic school students developed by the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education Academies. ACE[Read More…]

A charter school for the struggling

Jane Strawbridge drives 100 miles a day during the week so her granddaughter, Jaime, can attend a Central Florida charter school that serves children with learning disabilities. It’s a huge commitment, but worth the extra effort when Strawbridge considers how Jaime struggled in a traditional district school with few resources[Read More…]

The vanguard for a new generation of Catholic schools

While getting a history degree at a small Catholic college in New Hampshire, Ben Horton figured he had two options after graduation: law school or teaching. Then, a scholarship his junior year sent him to Belfast, Ireland, where he taught at a Catholic school near the Peace Walls dividing Catholic and[Read More…]

Rocketship eyes Florida for charter school expansion

It’s early in the process, so early that Kristoffer Haines of Rocketship Education hesitates to share too much about the charter school network’s potential to come to the Sunshine State. Yes, Rocketship recently won a $100,000 grant from the Florida Charter School Growth Fund, a partnership that philanthropists and education leaders[Read More…]

Single-gender charter schools on rise in Florida

Twenty-three second-grade boys sit cross-legged on the lunchroom floor in diagonal rows known at this Bradenton, Fla., charter school as the “rays’’ formation. That’s because the boys are considered little “SUNS,’’ radiating Selflessness, Honesty, Integrity, Niceness and Excellence – or SHINE. It’s the Let Your Light Shine motto at the[Read More…]