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Nebraska needs to step up on school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary from Katie Linehan, national director of communications and marketing at the American Federation for Children, appeared Wednesday on Linehan’s mother, Nebraska state Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, is lead sponsor of the Opportunity Scholarships Act. This week, the Nebraska Legislature is debating a school choice bill that[Read More…]

School choice changed our lives

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jayleesha Cooper and Brandon Villanueva Sanchez, members of the American Federation for Children’s 2023 Future Leaders Fellowship cohort, describes the life-changing possibilities of education choice and advocates for Nebraska’s Opportunity Scholarships Act. Our stories are unique, but we have many things in common. We were[Read More…]

Private school voucher and charter-friendly bills sail through Tennessee Senate

Editor’s note: This article appeared Monday on The Tennessee Senate on Monday approved two Republican-sponsored bills that would expand and clarify eligibility for students to receive private school vouchers or enroll in charter schools. Both measures passed 27-5 along partisan lines and now await action in House committees. Sen.[Read More…]

Poll: Large majority of Chicago voters support school choice

Editor’s note: This article appeared Monday on Two out of every three voters are dissatisfied with Chicago’s public education system, and some 62% of them support school choice, a new Illinois Policy Institute poll finds. Conducted by Echelon Insights over a four-day period commencing on Feb. 15, the poll[Read More…]

School choice would benefit rural students in Wyoming

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jason Bedrick, a research fellow at the Center for Education Policy, and Matt Ladner, director of the Arizona Center for Student Opportunity at the Arizona Charter School Association and reimaginED executive editor, appeared Monday on The Heritage Foundation’s website. All children in Wyoming should have[Read More…]

Fordham Institute report: Rebooting the education reform movement and other topics

Editor’s note: Michael J. Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, offers this introduction to the Institute’s 2022 annual report. You can view the report here. Lucy and the football. Groundhog Day. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Use whatever metaphor you like,[Read More…]

Education savings accounts offer flexibility to build children’s best future

Editor’s note: This commentary from Juan Martinez, supervisor for The LIBRE Initiative-Florida, a group that advances economic empowerment in the Hispanic community, first appeared on Anyone who spends much time with children knows how different and unique every child is from another. As anyone with brothers or sisters can[Read More…]

Word for Word: Florida Senate sponsor of SB 202 Corey Simon talks about his education choice experiences as a student and a parent

Editor’s note: When state Sen. Corey Simon. R- Tallahassee, explained SB 202 last week at the Senate Education Committee on Pre-12, opponents expressed typical concerns. Among them: Would such a large expansion of education choice to all students be the death knell for public schools?  Simon, whose bill includes measures[Read More…]