Unique Florida learning option offers families safety, choice, peace of mind

Like a school, but better. That’s how Ali Kaufman, founder and CEO of Space of Mind, describes a revolutionary program that engages students, families, educators and the larger community in experiential learning. Kaufman’s brainchild, launched in 2004, is not a traditional school. Nor is it a tutoring center. It’s not[Read More…]

Microschools versus waitlists: Jason Bedrick interviews Matt Ladner

In the latest installment of EdChoice’s “Big Ideas” podcast series, director of policy Jason Bedrick speaks with reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner about Ladner’s recent report, “Microschools versus Waitlists: A Guidebook for the Innovative Arizona Educator.” At the top of the interview, Ladner provides a definition of microschools and how[Read More…]

Four New Hampshire school districts receive learning pod grants

Editor’s note: To learn more about education choice in New Hampshire, check out SUFS president Doug Tuthill’s podcast with New Hampshire state Rep. Glenn Cordelli here. Signaling its continued support for education choice and parental empowerment, the New Hampshire Department of Education has announced that four districts – Bow, Dubarton,[Read More…]

Fact-checking the pundits as a new school year begins

As students head back to school, we can check some predictions made last year about how COVID would change K-12 classrooms. First, teacher unions forecast that schools would close in large numbers without additional federal spending. In June 2020, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten told Fox News, “We[Read More…]

Commentary: Parents, civic entrepreneurs rebuild K-12 schooling from scratch

Editor’s note: This post from Bruno V. Manno, senior adviser to the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 Program and a redefinED contributor, appeared Tuesday on The 74. Manno references Florida Virtual School, which saw a 57% increase in new course enrollments in its part-time Flex program, in his discussion of how[Read More…]

I’m all in!

The advisory firm Tyton Partners has released the second installment of its “school disrupted” study, which takes a deeper look at the drivers and barriers parents experienced when making educational decisions for their children in the face of COVID-19 challenges, as well as how their experiences will continue to shape[Read More…]

The haboob of the future

Back in 2015, I studied Census forecasts about predicted looming increases in state elderly and youth populations. Based on those forecasts, it was easy to see trouble ahead. Six years later, it’s obvious that trouble did indeed arrive, in some cases as expected and in others, in a different form.[Read More…]

North Las Vegas micro-school posts powerful learning gains

Editor’s note: This commentary is from Don Soifer, president of Nevada Action for School Options and a founding leader of the Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy. To learn more about the academy, watch this short documentary video. Ten miles north of the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, one[Read More…]