Myth Busters

FEA takes a swing at school choice – and misses

Last month, the Florida Education Association stepped up to the plate to take a swing at school choice. The state’s teacher union made three claims. First, that 90% of Florida’s K-12 students attend public schools; second, that this figure hasn’t changed in more than 20 years; and third, that the[Read More…]

Video: Dispelling myths about those terrible, horrible, no good private schools!

There’s no end to the doozies perpetuated by some folks who don’t like education choice. In Florida, there’s even a whole category of doozies devoted to smearing private schools. This year’s debate over HB 7045 was full of them. Some of these myths have been around for years, but somehow,[Read More…]

Students remain on Florida’s education choice scholarship longer, but the myth remains

As the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program has grown, so has the value of the scholarships, the number of participating schools, parental satisfaction, and the number of years students remain in the program. Tall tales told by the program’s critics have grown, too. Among other errors, those critics continue to[Read More…]

Busting myths of 20 years ago

Florida’s then-Gov. Jeb Bush testifying before a U.S. House committee Sept. 23, 1999. Twenty years ago this week, Gov. Jeb Bush spoke before the House Education Budget Committee about Florida’s recently passed A+ Plan and the state’s first voucher, the Opportunity Scholarship Program. “It’s been fun, in all honesty,” Bush[Read More…]

Florida’s Blaine amendment leaves many unanswered questions (Part 2)

This is the second of two posts on the judicial history of Florida’s Blaine Amendment with regard to public aid to private religious institutions. Part one can be read here. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to weigh in on the constitutionality of state Blaine Amendments in 2020. Lawyers defending[Read More…]

Florida’s Blaine amendment leaves many unanswered questions (Part I)

On June 7, 2005, opposing sides met for the final time to argue before the Florida Supreme Court over the constitutionality of the state’s first voucher program, the Opportunity Scholarship. Supporters of the program for low-income students had won several important victories, forcing opponents to abandon all but one remaining[Read More…]

Accountability comes in different forms

Editor’s note: One of the most pervasive of all education choice myths is the one that claims schools that accept scholarships are not held accountable to the public for their success — or failure. We looked at the “no accountability” myth last week but take a deeper dive in today’s[Read More…]

Debunking the ‘no accountability’ myth

Editor’s note: Misinformation abounds across the education choice landscape, adding confusion to an already complex issue. The redefinED team is dedicated to shining a light and providing the facts. Today’s post debunks an oft-repeated misconception: Private schools that accept scholarships are not held accountable. You can see more myth busting here,[Read More…]