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Best of 2022: Primer Microschools in Miami will combine in-person, online formats for deep-dive education

Editor’s note: In keeping with our year-end tradition, the team at reimaginED reviewed our work over the past 12 months to find stories and commentaries that represent our best content of 2022. This post from senior writer Lisa Buie is the second in our series. Imagine a school that offers[Read More…]

Most colleges of education stick to traditional teacher training despite pandemic-spurred innovation

Editor’s note: This article is the third in a series that explores how today’s teachers are being prepared – or not – for the classroom now that education choice has become normalized. You can read the first two articles here and here. When Amy Marotz wanted to start a private[Read More…]

School choice in Florida’s oyster country

Editor’s note: This distinctive high school in the Florida Panhandle is another compelling example of how education choice manifests in rural areas, contrary to myths perpetuated by choice opponents in other states. To rebut that misinformation, reimaginED published a new white paper last week called “Rerouting the Myths of Rural[Read More…]

South Florida school a ‘builder of boys, maker of men’

Just now, the news Palm Beach Christian Preparatory School is making belongs on the sports pages — which is what you would expect when a bunch of coaches launches a private school. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. To its enormous credit, PBCPS embraces vigorous competition as one of[Read More…]

Nonprofit group will use prize money to offer high quality education choice to more children of migrant families

The students at Wimauma Community Academy were so determined to win an online math competition that they came to school over the weekend to stay at the top of the leaderboard. At a school where about 95% of the students live below the federal poverty level and don’t have Wi-Fi[Read More…]

GOOOOOOOAL!!! South Florida soccer school blazing another path for school choice

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – Danny Villegas knew that if South Florida wanted to develop the kind of elite soccer talent found in Europe, it would have to offer more than the usual part-time coaching and training – and reach more than just the kids from wealthier families. So five years[Read More…]

Right education environment leads to bright futures

MIAMI – Louise Janvier uses the word “environment” often when talking about education choice and how it can rescue a child. “Sometimes, when a kid is going to go through things in life, they have to be in the right environment in order to pull through,” she said. “Some of them don’t pull[Read More…]

‘Innovation school’ encourages students to apply creative thinking, solutions to real-life challenges

Last spring, a group of Massachusetts ninth graders received a challenge: Design and create an interactive device that represents a key memory and stimulates at least two of the five senses to create a profound connective experience for users. One group of students chose to work with the resident at[Read More…]